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100 % Oak

Floor made wholly of pure raw materials — real wood of the most perfect species. Oak, considered a royal tree, has for centuries been a symbol of durability and strength. More than any other material, it testifies to the prestige and good taste of the interior it adorns.

For the most demanding

Particularly painstaking selection of the wood is the basis for creating a collection of floors recommended for the most demanding customers. Unique, artisanal woodworking methods give them a totally unique character which stands out among the other floors available on the market.

Excellent woodwork, no renovation necessary

The wood is worked with methods traceable back to the best artisenal traditions. Taking as our starting point the effect achieved by the legendary French ébénistes, we painstakingly selected the natural oils which perfectly emphasise the assets of the wood - its colour scheme and the shape of its knots. Manually applied ageing processes (inc. deliberate mechanical damage), give the floor a unique character and mean it does not need renovation.

Underfloor heating

Thanks to the use of a cross structure, the floors are perfectly suited for use over water or electric underfloor heating. Use of traditional woodworking methods and natural raw materials means that they are also recommended for people susceptible to allergies.


Width: 180 mm
Lenght: 2200 mm
Amazing strength
Multilayer flooring with a precise cross layer construction of oak guarantees unbelievable durability and strength. The oak flooring is hardly-ignitable and its top layer is 5 mm thick. Both features make the product suitable to be installed in e.g. restaurants, clubs, hotels or shopping centers.

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