Jean Marc Artisan Heir to the cabinetmaking art of the legendary French ébénistes of the Loire valley.                                                               ENGLISH | DEUTSCH | POLSKI | РУССКИЙ

To understand you need to experience. So if you want to develop, don’t be afraid of leaving your comfort zone. Getting burnt, hurt, having your heart broken. Touch and feel, sharpen your senses. Put those flabby books, full of theory and high-minded ideas, back on the shelf. Don’t listen to truths proclaimed by wise men. Go outside and absorb the world with all your senses. Live!

Rustic Empiriste Oak in a golden brown version with an extravagant admixture of graphite. The texture of the wood is distinct thanks to brushing, the edges accented with manual bevelling and delicately aged. The whole is protected with natural oil.

Compatible skirting board:
Oak skirting board finished with matt lacquer
dimensions: 18x90x2000mm


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