Jean Marc Artisan Heir to the cabinetmaking art of the legendary French ébénistes of the Loire valley.                                                               ENGLISH | DEUTSCH | POLSKI | РУССКИЙ

You ask what that artist's unease is, that I feel. It is a constant search. The tension-filled expectation of great inspiration which will result in a "work of life" being created. But when it comes I'll be ready. Like a seasoned magician I'll don a black cloak and leave the world immobile in magic enchantment.

The floor owes its intriguing appearance to superficial manual burning of the surface, which results in the interesting colour scheme ranging from black to golden shades of brown. The distinctiveness of the boards is emphasised by hand planing and bevelling. Traces of use are imitated by deliberate scratches, dents and minor holes, characteristic of Tudor-era boards. Floor additionally protected by natural oil.

Compatible skirting board:
Oak skirting board finished with matt lacquer
dimensions: 18x90x2000mm


Prison dungeons
Fireplace in the Chenonceau

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